During the influenza epidemic in the autumn and early-winter of 1918, the hospital staff dealt with over 14,000 cases of influenza and pneumonia, of whom 678 died. The camp surgeon recorded that the deaths included five officers of the Medical Corps and six nurses. Included among the latter was (inset) Miss Margaret R. Grimes, who had served at the hospital for less than a month and who died on 9 October, four days before her 25th birthday.

The nurses who died were: Miss Lillie M. Owens, Greenwood, DE (6 October 1918); Miss Catherine J. McGuire, New London, CT (10 October 1918); Miss Grace M. Falkinburg, New York, NY (6 October 1918); Miss Anne M. Murphy, Germantown, PA (28 September 1918); Miss Judith S Viburg, Clearfield, PA (14 October 1918); and Miss Margaret R. Grimes, McDonald, PA (9 October 1918).

(Main photo Fort Lee Archives)

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