Summary of Completed Work

This page shows the number of commemorations by state. States in bold text have been completed or have a number of completed biographies, which have been highlighted. The links will take you to the state’s page; the link on the soldier’s name will take you to his story.

If you wish to volunteer to assist with the project, please use the contact form on the About & Contact page to get in touch.

Arizona (3)
California (19+1)
Colorado (4)
Connecticut (7)
Florida (2)
Georgia (1)
Hawaii (1)
Ilinois (25)
Indiana (3+2)
Iowa (5)
Kansas (2)
Kentucky (2)
Louisiana (4)
Maine (8+1)
Maryland (4)
Massachusetts (20+14)
Michigan (15+1)
Minnesota (7)
Missouri (5+1)
Montana (3)
Nebraska (2)
New Hampshire (3)
New Jersey (11+1)
New Mexico (2)
New York (52+30)
North Carolina (1)
North Dakota (4)
Ohio (9+5)
Oklahoma (3)
Oregon (1)
Pennsylvania (17+8)
Rhode Island (6)
South Dakota (2)
Tennessee (3)
Texas (14)
Utah (1)
Virginia (16)
Vermont (4)
Washington (7)
West Virginia (1)
Wisconsin (5)
Wyoming (1)

Men buried in the United States but not commemorated by the CWGC.

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