Vermont Completed

Other projects have kept me from tackling this one but a winter holiday in Vermont prompted completion of the four biographies for the casualties from that state. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the graves because of the weather (one day in Newport, VT the temperature was -29F/-34C).

East Main Street Cemetery

There are four casualties of the First World War commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who are buried in Vermont (the links will take you to their story):

Private Carroll Alfred Conner died of pneumonia in England on 23 May 1917 while serving with the Canadian Reserve Cyclist Company. His body was repatriated and he is buried in East Main Street Cemetery, Newport.

Emery J. Larock

Private Emery John Larock fought in France with 19th Canadian Infantry Battalion in 1916 and 1917 before falling ill. He died of tuberculosis on 24 March 1921 after his demobilisation and is buried in Saint Paul’s Cemetery, Barton.

Entrance marker at St Paul’s Cemetery

Private Henry Alfred Peno served only for several weeks in France at the Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp in early 1918 before falling ill and being evacuated to England and then Canada. He died of tuberculosis on 2 December 1918 and is buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery, Saint Albans.

Private Corley Deferest Richardson had been in uniform for a little over one month and was serving with 1st Depot Battalion, 1st Quebec Regiment when he died of pneumonia on 11 October 1918 during the influenza pandemic. He is buried in East Richford Cemetery, Richford.

Tragic tales, all. Thank goodness for modern medicine and antibiotics.

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