(This page is under construction—but see Richardson below.)

There are six burials in Missouri.

Private Evander Penn Barclay died on 21 June 1920 and is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Saint Joseph.

Gunner Charles Henry Clint died on 29 July 1918 and is buried in Meadville Cemetery, Meadville.

Lance Corporal Ernest John Lavender died on 5 May 1921 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City.

Private Miner J. Metsker died on 16 April 1916 and is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Fairfax.

Cadet Arthur Richardson, Royal Air Force, drowned in an accident on 4 October 1918 near Camp Mohawk, Deseronto, Ontario and is buried in Bellefontaine Public Cemetery, Saint Louis. His Commonwealth War Graves Commission record is here.

Private Harold Elliott Thomas died on 8 July 1919 and is buried in Proctor Cemetery, Trenton.

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