(This page is under construction—but see Buck and Hammond below.)

There are five burials in Indiana.

Private Chester Covell Buck served briefly in England with 202nd (Sportsman’s) Battalion before being sent back to Canada unfit for further duty. He died in Ponoka Asylum Hospital, Alberta, on 7 December 1917 and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth. His Commonwealth War Graves Commission record is here.

Sapper Harley Albert Burger died on 21 February 1920 and is buried in Beech United Methodist Cemetery, Clay City.

Second Lieutenant George Lee Coffing died on 24 February 1919 and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Covington.

Captain Joseph Joel Hammond was a New Zealander and a pioneer pilot. He was killed in a flying accident in Indianapolis on 22 September 1918 and was buried in the Fisher family mausoleum in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis. His Commonwealth War Graves Commission record is here.

Private John Garfield Trees died on 18 September 1918 and is buried in Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo.

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